March 2015

Fulcrum - New Picture House, Dewsbury

A movie created by man and machine.

  • Fulcrum
  • Fulcrum landscape
  • Fulcrum
  • Fulcrum landscape

Fulcrum is a non-stop-motion animation film made before your eyes.  Using robotics, intricately carved miniatures and mysteriously complex technology; we join a woman on a train journey through northern moors and towns, as she imagines a world transformed.

Alongside, an electric guitar is quietly plucked, bashed and strummed by an assemblage of spidery metal machines. 

In a second space, a small cinema has been created and we enter to see the little scenes the robotic machines are videoing projected live onto the big screen.  Here the hidden details of the diorama are revealed and an animated story unfolds - accompanied by the floating sounds of the


"Very atmospheric, sets the imagination and memories whirring."

Shown at New Picture House, Dewsbury as part of Creative Scene, Kirklees Creative People and Places project. 

Other events taking part in Dewsbury as part of the #DigitalDialogues weekend (Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March) include:

Ticket to ride: take a seat on the Creative Scene sofa on Platform 2 at Dewsbury Railway Station with Artists: Adept: Shanaz Gulzar and Steve Manthrop

Bingo Balls! Come and play live outside bingo with us! With Artists: Lets Go Global Karen Shannon; with Impossible: Chris Squire.

Museum of Hidden Delights , Dewsbury Market with Artists: Jim Bond, Liz Walker Rozi Fuller.


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