Summer 2018

Rear View at Coventry Festival of Imagineers

The streets of Coventry become the stage on this mesmerising moving adventure

  • Image for Rear View at Coventry Festival of Imagineers

Rear View at Coventry, Festival of Imagineers ‘If at 65 you could say something to yourself at 23, what would it be?’Led by the performance poets Cecilia Knapp and Jemima Foxtrot, IOU tells the story of a woman’s life in an unforgettable journey through Coventry aboard a unique open-top bus. Beginning with a life-drawing class, Rear View reveals the town in new ways, with reflections, predictions and observations blurring the lines between reality and fiction.So all aboard for a view of Coventry as you’ve never seen it before, as the town’s streets become the stage for a mesmerising moving adventure. Begins at The The Swift Centre in Coventry & moves through the town. For more information and to book, click here.

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