September 2014

Totum-One - Junction Goole

A 360° audio-visual laboratory.

  • Soundlab
  • Inflatable Sound Lab
  • Sound lab exit

Would you like to explore magical virtual worlds using the latest 3D headsets and experience new ways of hearing sound? IOU returns to Junction Goole to transform it into a 360° sound and vision laboratory. 

Working in partnership with researchers at Huddersfield University, the company will link together ideas themes and experiments in virtual world technology. TOTUM-ONE is commissioned by Junction Goole and is the fifth interactive installation specially made by IOU for the building. 

There will be an exhibition showing excerpts from all the previous projects: Airborne, Volatile Light, Speaking Tubes, and Fulcrum that you will be able to explore too. 

Come along - see the future and investigate the past!

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