December 2021

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What would you like to ask our creative and technical teams

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Ever wanted to ask the IOU team a question about a specific performance or live event you've been to. Or would you like some advice on our process, the industry or your creative practice?Now is your chance. Our new website will have a designated area for you to ask a question to anyone at IOU. That could be an IOU staff member, from Artistic Director to Technical Manager and volunteer, or an IOU artist collaborator, workshop facilitator, or Trustee. In fact, anyone that we have worked with over the last 45 years! Each month, we will select a question and commission the relevant person to answer it. The question and answer will be published in the Magazine area of our new website and shared in our regular newsletter. Please use email to send your question specify to whom it is directed.  One question will be selected and the relevant person commissioned to answer it!

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