David Humpage 1946 - 2020

  • Black and white photograph of stage production Forbidden Riddles.

We are very sad to announce that David Humpage, one of IOU’s founder members from 1977 until 1999, died suddenly on December 14th.  

David was one of the small group of IOU artists who devised and made the shows and toured together for twenty years. His music was an integral part of each show - the visual and music elements together establishing IOU’s distinctive style.

In the frequently short time we had to come up with new ideas, he would stroke his beard, go off and come back with an amazing piece of music that would hold everything together in a brilliant and surprising way.

His classical and contemporary musical background was evident in his strong sense of composition that formed the foundation of the shows. Music helped drive the narrative sense of the productions, which relied on strong visuals, and where the importance of words was not to carry a linear storyline. 

David's music is complex and inventive and he continued to make music from his converted Church studio in the Lincolnshire countryside. He was working on the artwork for his recently completed album when he died. 

Our sympathy is with his partner Ronnie, son Oliver and all those close to him.

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