Summer 2014

Future IOU

Art School plans, new work and a permanent exhibition space at Dean Clough.

  • Image for Totum-One

IOU is extremely pleased to share that we achieved double success in last week’s Arts Council funding round. The company will continue to be funded as a National Portfolio Organisation until 2018 and has also been awarded a capital grant to develop our current Creation Centre at Dean Clough Mill. This funding secures our plans for the next three years, which includes the creation of five new projects including two outdoor site specific works, Rear View and Bower, to coincide with our 40th anniversary in 2016, as well as the development of our emerging IOU Art School and permanent exhibition space at Dean Clough Mill. 

IOU Porfolio 

NPO funding means we can also continue to develop our smaller scale portfolio both nationally and internationally as well as deliver and develop free Making It sessions as part of IOU’s Learning Programme, where artists, creatives and makers of any discipline can come together for experimentation, exchange of ideas, networking and skills sharing opportunities. We will also continue to offer artist in residence scheme Space: Time: Tools: Advice, IOU’s professional development programme designed to allow emerging collaborative groups to produce creative

projects with the prospect of continuing their working partnerships into the future. 

Creation Space

IOU’s  successful application for a capital grant of £185,000 will allow us to relocate our administrative base and Studio to our existing large-scale Creation Centre at Dean Clough Mills.  This move means we can show new projects alongside some of the wealth of work currently stored in our 40 year archive. Creating a permanent exhibition space means we can have the doors permanently open to the public allowing far more people to view and interact with IOU’s work. This move would not be possible without the continued support of our sponsor Dean Clough Mills, who is a critical investor of IOU’s future plans. The new improved Creation Centre, which we hope to complete by Summer 2015, will give us the room to make large-scale work moving forward including Rear View IOU’s new project in development. Rear View presents the same ‘story’ seen from different points of view using a converted bus fitted with backward facing raked seating so audiences can watch scenes played out behind the bus as it travels through civic, urban, rural or coastal locations. Meanwhile, the same scenes are transmitted live to audiences watching and engaging in different ways in different places.

IOU Art School

Centralising IOU’s Studio, Creation Centre, Exhibition Space and headquarters fits with our future plans to develop IOU’s current Learning and Education Programme into the emerging IOU Art School. The Art School, currently being piloted with the University of Huddersfield, will, in the short term offer a two week intensive placement to the University’s students to develop their final year projects in 2015. Ultimately, the aim is to offer twelve places annually to artists wishing to develop their practice at any stage in their career, in the dynamic environment of IOU’s own creative practice. Making art continues to be at the centre of IOU and artists and students will be able to explore a range of art forms including visual art, performance, outdoor site specific, digital installation, sculpture, and


New Work

Whilst the spaces are in development we will continue to tour current projects and develop new work always with a focus on art, technology and research. Additionally, we are very excited to announce that Bower, a growing, digital installation for the 21st century has been shortlisted for Art Angel’s Open 100.  Other work in development this year includes Totum–One, a 360° sound and vision laboratory, which will open at Junction Goole in September 2014 with Volatile Light being presented at Gravity Fields Festival later that month. 

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