Jo Thomas

Composer commissioned for Speaking Tubes

Jo Thomas works as a composer and sound artist. She has worked on public commissions, concerts, galleries, sound walks, privately commissioned work. In her process, Jo works with electronic sound working mostly with glitch, with fine detail. In 2012 Jo Thomas won the Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica in Digital Musics and Sound Art for her work Crystal Sounds of a Synchrotron. Her work has been performed in public spaces across the world. Her work is released by the label Entr'acte, Holiday Records Naxos, NMC Recordings, The Tapeworm and Soft A.

She has written for Vinyl and CD, bespoke instruments and has worked on a combination of very experimental work and commercial projects. She has been commissioned to write music for Civic Projects ( Ports of Call, Sound Walking in East London 2007) In 2019 the project Ports of Call was written about in The Routledge Handbook of Memory and Place. Jo currently runs a sound walking project in North London with her label Soft Apple.

In 2020 Jo Thomas was commissioned by IOU to create a new musical work to be played on sculptural sound installation Speaking Tubes. Her final work titled ‘In a Still Place’ was written in 4 weeks of lockdown during April to May 2020. It is a work that explores different states of stillness whilst acknowledging sometimes rapid change.

A unique spatialised version of ‘In a Still Place’ was created and shared online on 4 June 2020. 

Listen to the online version of Jo Thomas’ ‘In a Still Place’ here:

IOU Theatre · Speaking Tubes Spatial - Jo Thomas - In A Still Place

View Speaking Tubes 360° for Jo Thomas' 'In a still Place' below:

There are four small movements to the work making a 25-minute electronic music work: Static, Cover, Macabre and Home.

Static  0.00 -11.30 

Cover 11.30- 17.00

Macabre 17.00 22.00

Home 22.00 -25.30

Of this piece Jo Thomas says:

“For this work, I decided to focus on what was immediately around me. The sound of birdsong the static nature of lockdown, silences, fear, grief gaps, communal warmth, media messages, glitches and a home. The speaking tubes are designed as vortex cannons. I always had this in mind when I was composing music for projection inside a sculptural space. The music is composed to move freely allowing perspectives change and alter.”

You can discover more work by Jo Thomas on her Soundcloud playlist here:

You can also follow her on twitter at @jothomasglitchw