Katie English

Composer commissioned for Speaking Tubes

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Katie English (aka Isnaj Dui) is a musician and artist based in Halifax, West Yorkshire.Since completing a BSc in Electronic Music in 2004 Katie English has continued to write and record music, predominantly under her solo name Isnaj Dui. She has also been part of several bands including littlebow, The Sly & Unseen and The Doomed Bird of Providence.She has released work on various labels including Home Normal, Rural Colours, Smallfish, Front & Follow and her own FBox imprint.She has also created several site-specific sound installations including UNThread as part of a series throughout unconventional spaces around Essex, and After the Flood as part of Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2013 as well as IOU's The Storytelling Bus in Halifax in 2019.A prolific live performer, English has performed in numerous high profile venues and has received extensive attention in Wire Magazine and air play on Radio 3’s Late Junction and BBC 6 Music.She is classically trained on flute and cello, and studied alternative tunings and Balinese gamelan. Her work uses the pure tones of concert and bass flutes alongside DIY dulcimers and electronics to create immersive yet restrained textures that weave in and out of each other.

Listen to the spatialised online version of Katie English's work 'Forties and Fives' commissioned for Speaking Tubes in Spring 2020.

View Speaking Tubes 360° for Katie English's 'Forties and Fives' below:.

Of 'Forties and Fives' Katie says: 

"'Forties and Fives' explores movement and harmony using gongs, flutes and dulcimer.  Alongside drifting passages that use phasing of flutes to create an unsettling effect, there are rhythmic elements that swirl around the listener.  Named 'Forties and Fives' as the piece incorporates the Plain Bob Doubles change ringing system which runs forty iterations of pitches 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 before returning to its original phase, as well as elements moving between the five speakers of the Speaking Tubes installation."

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