Loui Binns

Sound Artist commissioned for Speaking Tubes

Loui Binns creates Ambient, Soundscape and Experimental electronic music. There is an undercurrent in his sound that pulls the listener towards a more classical dance music orientation, with a leaning towards soft kicks and a four to the floor derived rhythm when his works incorporate heavier percussion. Found sound is used in much of his work. The spaces in and around Halifax and the wild West Yorkshire countryside provide a bounty of field recordings that are processed into synth-like sounds or neatly mangled into obtuse percussion. 

In his work you’ll find a variety of arpeggio driven sequences, percussive synth patches and long evolving melodies. This coupled with a commitment to concept which is a driving force behind the creations. 'Tracts' was released on the Rural Colours label in 2019, and was made using samples from a collection of bible audio book tapes. Loui also composes soundtracks for theatrical productions including for Make, Do Theatre’s 2018 production “Little Change”.

Loui was commissioned by IOU in 2020 to create a new musical work for Speaking Tubes.  

'Abiogenesis Tessellation' is composed using a mixture of digital synthesis and sounds recorded in IOU's workshop. 

It consists of three sections each of which came to represent a different part in an imagined process of abiogenesis for shapes. The composition began without this structure as the name was derived from an anagram found roughly 2/3rds of the way through composing the piece. After the name had been found it came to hold referential influence over the final edits and movement of the composition.

The second section of the composition also draws on the idea of tinkering and making in a workshop with all the sounds being developed solely from sounds recorded inside IOU's space apart from the kick drum. All manner of things were used to make the sounds including bits of old IOU installations, scaffolding, tools and gas canisters.

A spatialised version of the work - 'Abiogenesis Tessellation' was released online in May 2020. You can listen to this track here:

View Speaking Tubes 360° for Loui Binns' 'Abiogenesis Tessellation' below:

You can follow Loui on Soundcloud here:

Or follow him on Twitter @rhombusindex