November 2021

My Three Words Goole

Eight new artists work now online

  • Image for My Three Words Goole by Tony

Throughout 2021, IOU was commissioned by Junction Arts Centre, to create digital art project My Three Words, which is inspired by location app What3Words to connect online creations with real life locations.  

The online galleries feature 80 artworks created by groups, schools and individuals each one is linked to a specific three-metre square in Goole.Across the summer 8 new artists were commissioned to add their work to the gallery and art trail. These works offer more ways to explore and experience the town of Goole, virtually and in real life, through the eyes of artists, poets, and musicians, positioning  digital artworks with physical locations using the My Three Words Goole website.

Hull based artist Sarah Mole selected the location at the foot of Goole’s  two landmark water towers. Using the location coordinates, Marriage///Situation///Share to create abstract painting, ‘Alluvium’ to reflects the way the towns of Hull and Goole are married by their geology.  Louise Oliver's ‘Silence and the Songbird’ began as a short poem and became a digital collage of words and images founded on her memories of working in Goole at Junction. 

Trans Creative artist, Taylor Le Fin's  'Open or Wrapped', samples a song from 1960s  Goole band The Dale Sisters while developing a personal and contemporary narrative for the character Billy Boy. 

Michael Barnes Wynters artwork POW Hostel 35 was created for the site on the edge of the Damac Transporter yard on Coronation St that used to be a hostel for prisoners of war (POW). His artwork is a new piece of video art and performance. 

Composer Jo Thomas,’s creative process began with an image of the town’s docks and skyline  and, inspired by the vibrations and reflections of light over the water, she went on to create her composition ‘Centre Church' recorded in Goole’s St John’s Church.

Sumit Sakar took inspiration from a 17th century painting of a topsail schooner ‘ Rival of Rye’ displayed in Goole museum, to create the 3D printed abstract sculpture  ‘Calm/Storm’Martin Lewsley’s ‘The Bridge’ considers ‘Past Present Future Networks' in a combination of performance art, landscape study and painting utilising a natural pigment.

Elle Douglas’s spoken word piece is inspired by Castaway Goole, a charity who supports people with learning difficulties and disabilities to make music, theatre and film. 

All works can be found digitally on the  The My Three Words Arts Trail:  an opportunity for visitors and residents to explore Goole, find new locations  and see the town in a different light.  Walk, cycle or drive around the trail and use the QR codes at each site to discover special behind the scenes videos about the making of some of the artworks in the Gallery.

My Three Words is presented by IOU, commissioned by Junction Goole and supported using public funding from Arts Council England and Goole City Council.

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