3 July 2014

Invitation to Meet the Artists

Join us to see Fulcrum and meet the artists involved

  • Fulcrum landscape
  • Fulcrum
  • Fulcrum landscape
  • Fulcrum

We are holding a 'Meet the Artists' event during our visit to The Civic, to which all are invited. Join us for a drink, see Fulcrum and meet the Artists involved to find our more about the installation.

In a darkened room, a large array of beautiful carved wooden scenes depict small town life. In the middle of the scenes, a video camera on the end of a long robotic arm swoops around, zooming in and out of the mechanically animated wooden scenes. Alongside, an electric guitar is quietly plucked, bashed and strummed by an assemblage of spidery metal machines. 

In a second space, a small cinema has been created and we enter to see the little scenes the robotic machines are videoing projected live onto the big screen.  Here the hidden details of the diorama are revealed and an animated story unfolds - accompanied by the floating sounds of the guitar. 

Details: Thursday 3 July 2014 from 6pm-7pm 

Please RSVP to kate.kershaw@ioutheatre.org if you can join us.

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