Autumn 2016

IOU at Gravity Fields 2016

A unique festival which creatively explores the physical sciences

  • speaking_tubes

A sculptural sound installation inspired by the extraordinary sound of vortex rings travelling through the atmosphere at supersonic speed with gleaming steel tubes and giant cones spilling out a chorus of sound featuring a specially commissioned soundtrack by international contemporary music composer Yannis Kyriakides.

The Speaking Tubes installation will feature an exciting interactive extra element. Visitors will be able to create their very own 3D sound-world, and experience it using special headphones. Take a sound from the world – birdsong, a bustling café, a babbling brook – and place it carefully within a virtual soundstage. Adjust the position of the sound using a specially created app. An exhibition illustrating the development of the sculpture, shows the inspiration of the vortex canons, as demonstrated on BBC science programme 'Bang Goes the Theory'. 

Re-imagine the laws of the universe, and hear how it would sound if the world worked a little bit differently! 

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