Wednesday 5 August

Making It

3D Digital Sculpture with artist Sumit Sarkar

  • Advanced 3D printed sculpture by S Sarkar for Invisible Transparent Project, image by S Sarkar, 2019

Discover how to  use free online software programme Blender, to create 3D digital sculptures. In this experimental Making It workshop, artist and sculptor Sumit Sarkar will demonstrate his working process and the type of creative tools you can use online. Throughout the session you will have the opportunity to experiment with this unique creative programme, and by the end of the workshop you will have produced a piece of sculptural digital art work, perhaps your first! 

Sumit Sarkar is an artist known for his use of cutting edge technology to produce art that brings together Hindu iconography, science fiction and graffiti. He has exhibited work internationally, including a recent residency and exhibitions at the Colombo Art Biennale in Sri Lanka. Sumit has directed public collaborative art projects in Shetland with UZ Arts, in Exeter with Mischief La Bas and in Finland with Spearfish, and has since 2018 been working with the Digital Stone Project in Italy where his digital sculptures are carved into marble by robotic arms. 

See more of Sumit’s  work here: https://www.kriksix.com/

No prior experience is required for this workshop. Read on below for more details on technical requirements.

How it works:

This workshop will take place on Zoom, live. In the workshop we will use Blender - a software design programme. To participate in the workshop you will be required to download this software for free. You will need to use a laptop or PC, as it is not possible to use this technology on your mobile phone or tablet. We recommend you use a laptop or PC to experiment with blender, and use a mobile phone, tablet or additional laptop or PC to connect to the workshop with Zoom.

Further detailed instructions will be provided before the workshop, and we will hold a pre-workshop session to help you get set up. 


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