6 April - 6 July

Speaking Tubes and Vortex

at 20-21, Scunthorpe

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Speaking Tubes

Speaking Tubes is a large-scale sculptural sound installation inspired by the extraordinary sound of vortex rings travelling through the atmosphere at supersonic speed. These giant air-ducting tubes and cones are made from gleaming galvanised steel and weave around the architectural space of our Nave gallery. The Speaking Tubes emit a chorus of sound into special listening zones.

A specially commissioned soundtrack has been created for Speaking Tubes by international contemporary composer Yannis Kyriakides. Audiences can move around the sculpture and enter the listening zones to make their own sound journey and become part of the sculpture.

A miniature working model of a vortex cannon will be on display to illustrate how the Speaking Tubes operate.


Vortex is a live experimental music piece in collaboration between IOU Theatre and Yannis Kyriakides, performed within the Speaking Tubes installation. We are currently recruiting local volunteer musicians to perform alongside contemporary saxophonist John Butcher. If you are interested in taking part please find more information at www.2021visualartscentre.co.uk/vortex. Performances will take place on Saturday 11 May. 

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