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Join the Friends of IOU

The success of IOU has always depended on its supporters since it started as a collective of artists in 1977. IOU, one of the original pioneers of site specific performance, has been inspiring audiences for nearly 40 years and we’re now fundraising for future projects and our creation centre which will give us the space to create, develop and share our work.

Joining IOU’s Friends scheme will help us to:

  • Develop new projects and shows including Rear View and Bower to present locally  and nationally leaving an engaging legacy for future generations.

  • Support the work we do at our creation centre, so that we can inspire and engage visitors locally and regionally.

  • Continue to deliver our widely acclaimed artistic programme which educates, engages and inspires our visitors.

  • Look after the props and exhibitions that we have created over the last 40 years  ensuring their long term preservation and archive.

From £24 a year, you can:
  • Receive invitations each year to selected previews of our exhibitions before they open to the public

  • Receive updates about IOU’s work, where you can see it, workshops to attend and work in progress

  • Be invited to artist in resident viewings of work in development and private views. 

If you would like to join the friends please send us an email 

Donations and income raised through fundraising initiatives is gifted to IOU. Registered Charity Number 273527.

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