September 1987

Salt and Slack Water

Commissioned by the Bradford Festival.

  • Image for Slat and Slack Water

A show specially commissioned for the Bradford Festival at Salts Mill, Saltaire. At the time, the mill was disused, although in its heyday 12,000 power looms had produced more than 18 miles of cloth a day. IOU created a work of fiction in three parts. Partly mystery tour, partly a son et lumiere, fusing image, action and music in a poetic framework. <i>Salt and Slack Water</i> is a wordless performance rooted in music and dance, exploring a succession of landscapes, where mythical and everyday characters meet. We are led through factories, forests and gardens, stopping at watering-places, witnessing the turn of the tide. The scenes - 1. A break on the Production Line. 2. A Clearing in the Forest.  3. Back to the Garden.

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